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SacPlacer Painting specializes in high quality fine finish cabinetry painting and refinishing.  Over the years we have invested in better tools, better HVLP fine finish spray equipment, and we even have an offsite workshop with its own spray booth, sanding station, and drying rack. 

     The cabinet boxes attached to the walls will have have to be masked and sprayed in plus but with this workshop set up we can prep, prime, and finish all cabinet doors and drawers away from your home. A typical paint company would have to take over your garage or find some other place to spray all your cabinet doors on site in order to prep, prime, sand, and spray finish and this would leave you without a garage during the project and more time workers walking around your home.

     With our offsite workshop we cut down the time spent at the customers house by half and then once the doors and drawers have been finished and look flawless we then wrap them up in bubble wrap and secure them for the trip back to the customers home for reinstall and final touch up.

Ultra Fine Finish Cabinetry and other special coatings

Specialty Fine Finish Coatings

     We have been proud customers of Kelly Moore for over a decade now and like to select from their line of special products and coatings. We can also match any color swatches from any other paint lines like Behr or Sherwin Williams into our Kelly Moore Product. For cabinets we use a strong Shellac primer and a long lasting durable finish coat.

Bin shellac primer thumb- gallon.jpg

Primer - BIN Shellac

     Zinsser B-I-N 1 gal. Shellac-Based White Interior\Spot Exterior Primer and Sealer can be used in low temperatures and sticks to any surface without sanding. The primer seals stains from water, smoke and fire damage. It also stops bleeding knots and sap streaks.

  • Great for interior use in ceilings, walls, doors, trim, cabinets, furniture and more and spot priming on exterior surfaces

  • Covers up to 500 sq. ft.

  • Flat/matte white finish

  • Shellac based formula blocks odors permanently and completely and seals severe stains from water, smoke, fire damage and more

  • Permanently seals odors from fire and smoke damage, mold and mildew, cigars and cigarettes, pet urine and more

  • Excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces without scuff sanding, permanent stain blocker for severe stains and odors

  • Dries to the touch in 20-minutes


     EVO Eclipse is a premier waterborne wood coating available in North America, formulated with cutting-edge European resin technology that imparts superior application and performance characteristics. 

     EVO Eclipse is ideal for the woodworking industry including kitchen cabinetry finishing and refinishing, architectural millwork and casework, wood furniture, interior doors and molding and field finishing and re-finishing on-site.

     Benefits of removing solvent-based coatings from factories and job sites may include a reduction in insurance premiums and the reduction of exposure to more harmful chemicals for customers and their employees. Contact us to find out what EVO Eclipse can do for you.


     Gemini Industries’ new Water Borne Eclipse line has been designed to be very user-friendly.  We have manufactured it to be ready to spray right out of the container—no extra reduction except in extreme conditions.

     The Eclipse line can be applied using traditional cup guns, HVLP, Airless or Airmix systems.

     Easy application was one of our goals in developing this new waterborne line. Spraying vertically should not be a problem.

     This new Eclipse Line is excellent for cabinet refinishers too. It has been tested over previously coated cabinets finished with everything from old-school nitro to today’s 2K Urethanes. Thru this testing, we found that there was no need for a binding primer to be used.

Specialty Coatings


     DTM is a high performance, single-component waterborne coating that provides a smooth, durable finish over a variety of metal surfaces including iron, steel, galvanized and aluminum. The self-priming formula is designed for superior adhesion, outstanding corrosion resistance, and long-lasting UV protection.

     Perfect for doors, handrails, structural steel and much more in residential, commercial, and light industrial applications.


Epoxy Floorings

     Devoe High Performance Coatings has a long track record of success resulting from a commitment to innovation and technological advancement throughout its company’s history.  Devoe Coatings is a brand you can trust and it is a brand we are proud to offer at Kelly Moore.

Additional select specialty coatings available upon request

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