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What to expect from your free estimate

Meet Face to Face

We think it is very important to meet face to face with our customers to help build repour and make sure you are comfortable with who you have working on your property. This is a great time to ask questions, both for the contractor and the customer. The contractor may have several questions regarding your project in order to get an idea what you have envisioned for your perfect finished project.

The Plan Breakdown

After the customer has told us what exactly it is they are looking for in their finished product, we will take a few notes, and then maybe a few photo's or measurements. Then we will breakdown the "rough" plan with the customer, how we envision the best way to go about getting from start to finish. At this time we may ask about color selections, and scheduling as well.

The Bid Proposal

Finally, after the customer has been met and they property has been walked, the notes have been taken, and the customer has communicated what they want in a finished product, we will type up a personalized bid proposal. Each proposal includes the "Grand plan", or scope of work, the products that will be used, the method of application, and the cost. Everything needed to take the project from start to finish.

                    Below is an example of a tailored bid proposal from one of our past customers. Yours will be custom to your project.

Bid Proposal sample

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