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Anderson Ct - Extreme Cabinet Makeover - Fixing an inexperienced painters mistakes







I was contacted by a woman who told me she had made a mistake by hiring an unqualified handyman to paint her cabinets. She said that there were extremely noticeable brush strokes all over her kitchen cabinets and was devastated by the finished result. After hearing her describe the situation and feeling that she man have been taken advantage of by an unlicensed contractor I decided that I would come by and take a look and to at least offer some advice as to the best way to recover and redeem the situation as best as possible. Once I arrived and took a look at what the previous painter had left her with, I was extremely disappointed as no homeowner would willingly agree to a finished product that shoddy. There where very thick brush and lap marks all over her kitchen cabinet doors, drawers and boxes. The business man in me wanted nothing to do with getting involved with such a nightmare, but I believe everyone should have the opportunity to have the kitchen they originally envisioned and I wanted to make that vision a reality. I knew it would be a challange, and it definitely was. After spending many days and man hours sanding off the primer and finish coat that was brushed on I was able to return the substrate back to a smooth surface, this included sanding over 30 doors, 15 drawers, and the cabinet boxes in the kitchen as well. I decided to invest in a high quality, variable speed electric sander, it wasn't each but at this point I was more interested in the challenge and to see if I could use all the techniques I've learned over the years to achieve a great finished product. The customer was very patient, friendly, and I enjoyed conversing with her which made putting in the extra work worth it. We became friends over the coarse of the project and I felt she deserved the best cabinets I could provide, which wasn't easy from seeing what the previous painter had left me with. Once the sanding and masking was finished I was able to reprime everything correctly using a BIN Shallac Primer, sanding between coats to insure a sealed substrate that was smooth to the touch. Then I was able to apply two coats of the industrial strength finish coat I use on cabinets. The end result was amazing, we were both shocked at the transformation and the customer was so beyond happy to have the kitchen she had originally described to the first painter who had bailed on her. It took several extra days of work to sand smooth the previous painters primer and the customer kept offering to give me more money but it is one of my core beliefs that once provide a contract with an official price it is important that I get the job done within that price, even if it means I lose money because of it. I feel that once an agreement is struck the customer should not have to worry about hidden costs or excuses for more money. So although being a little worn out and exhausted but job completed I was happy that the challenge I had set for myself had been succeeded and with such astonishing results. My customer and new friend was so grateful, appreciative, and impressed she decided to hire me to paint all the other cabinets in the home: Bathroom, Laundry room, Master bathroom, etc. which I was happy to provide bid proposals for which she accepted. After a little more time the job was completed and all the cabinets in the home now matched, felt smooth to the touch, and simple beautiful and modern looking at the fraction of the cost of a remodel. I really enjoyed my time working with the customer and to show her appreciation for an above and beyond job and finished product she decided to even gift me one of her homemade quilts. Quilts that she spends hours making by hand and then sells online for hundreds of dollars. I have been tipped before but I have never received something as thoughtful as this. The quilt stays folded in half at the foot of my bed and has since been claimed by my dog as her favorite spot to sleep. I find it funny that a call I had first thought would end up being a nightmare ended up being a rewarding challenge where I learned to solve a unique problem and meet a new friend customer. To this day I will sometimes stop by to say home and chat for a bit. I wish I could build similar friendships with all of my customers who are kind enough to invite me into their home to provide painting services which brings the customers dreams into a reality and provides me with a way to support my family while feeling proud of the finished product. I believe the customer of this particular job left a review detailing her version of events and her experience with SacPlacer Painting which I would recommend reading to understand the type of above and beyond service I do my best to provide to each customer. Thank you Sandy, I am happy we were able to turn what most would think of ruined cabinets into an outstanding high quality product. I hope to meet and offer my services to many more folks such as Sandy.

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