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Calleystone Way - Antelope - Fine Finish Cabinetry





$2,500 - $3,000

Price Range

Our Customer in Antelope wanted to update her old, weathered, oak cabinets to reflect a more modern and open kitchen. She was also curious if it would be possible to add the new style of concealed hinges and drill holes in order to add hardware such as handles and pull knobs to the doors and drawers. SacPlacer Painting provided her with a bid proposal as we do for each customer but we included several different options such as adding new hinges, adding new hardware, or painting the old hinges in order to save money but still give a new, fresh, clean look using the existing hinges. Each option had a cost associated with each item so she had the ability to choose the best option for her budget. We are happy to announce that our customer was able to add the new hinges and pull knobs along with the cabinetry painting while staying within her personal budget for the project and the finished result was fantastic.

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