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Croatia Ct - Roseville - Fine Finish Kitchen Cabinet Refinish and new hardware drilled







A very nice couple in Roseville contracted SacPlacer Painting to refinish their kitchen cabinets and another bar area off to the side of the room. They also wanted to change out their old knob hardware for pulls instead. This required measuring and drilling an extra hole the exact distance away from where the original holes were drilled for the knobs. Once the cabinets doors were refinished and reinstalled we were able to slide in the new handles without issue.

This job was unique that the customers decided to go with two colors, the kitchen island was "San Fransisco Fog", along with the front of the breakfast nook, and the bar area off to the side. The rest of the cabinets they went with "Swiss Coffee".

The doors on this particular job were pretty warn and had very wide grain, this means in order to get a beautiful finished product I had to use a grain filler, sand, and then use the grain filler again, and sand again untill I was satisfied all the oak grain had been filled in.

Luckily I have stations set up in the workshop which made the process go much smoother, they were then primed and sanded twice and then sprayed with the finish coat 3 times while scuff sanding between coats to achieve smooth, brand new looking cabinet doors. This did have to be done twice, once per color chosen. But in the end they looked great and were transported back to the customers home and reinstalled. The end result was worth all the additional work to get a flawless surface and I am happy to have gone the extra mile with the all the grain filler.

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