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Folsom - Tape, mud, prime, and spray lvl 4 smoothness





$750 - $1000

Price Range

This was a unique job, a customer tried to recreate a wall they saw on pintrest using smooth board and making a design out of trim pieces. What they didn't realize was that they should have used the trim pieces to cover the seams of where the smooth boards met. Instead they ended up trying to use drywall plaster to cover the seams but it kept cracking on them. So they called me in to fix it up and make it look like a professional did it instead of a couple of DIY boys.

I started by sanding down their old drywall mud so that I could then tape and mud the seams to prevent future cracking. I then spent the next day skim coating and sanding to get the plaster and the board to level out and be as smooth as possible.

I then primed the board and plaster work with PVA primer to prevent the moisture in the finish coat from dissolving all the plaster that I had just made perfectly smooth.

Lastly I used my sprayer with a fine finish tip to give the accent wall a nice solid, durable coating that won't crack or fade in the future.

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