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Millstone Way - Granite Bay - Partial Interior - Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom Nook.



Granite Bay




This large home in Granite bay was originally painted all one color. Ceilings, Doors, Baseboards, Crown Molding, and Walls were all originally painted Navajo White which made the home very dark inside.

We decided to brighten it up by painting all Ceilings, Doors, Baseboards, and Crown Moldings Swiss coffee. Then we brush & rolled the walls with Acoustic white, in a high quality flat paint (customer requested walls to be a flat sheen). In order to reduce smudging and increase durability with a flat finish we used a quality product to hold up against smudges and dirt. The customer also asked if we would paint their large walk in pantry last minute. We were able to use some leftover paint from our storage and spray the pantry after the spraying the ceilings. The customer was happy to get a freshly painted pantry at no extra cost.

In the end, the rooms became so much brighter and made the rooms seem larger than they actually were.

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