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Oterol Ct. - Sacramento - Interior Repaint & Partial Exterior Repaint







The previous owner of this home was an inside smoker of 60 years, walls were stained with nicotine and a strong smell filled the home. Special preparation and priming was needed to properly seal the substrate and block all nicotine stains from penetrating to the surface, and to neutralize all smells of smoke. A special shellac primer was used which blocked all stains and stench and provided a sound surface for our finish coat to adhere to. After painting was completed there was no sign it had been filled with 60 years of daily smoking. Unfortunately before photo's are unavailable, the transformation was truly breath taking. The owner of SacPlacer Painting, Tom, worked with the customer and recommended the color scheme seen here in the photo's. Tom believed in order to help give the home a more warm and open feel it would be best to paint all the brown ceiling boards and beams white as well as all the dark oak doors and baseboards white which popped out against the wall color he had recommended, Kelly Moore's "San Francisco Fog". The exterior of the home had an issue with vines growing up and into the stucco which is very difficult to remove, we pressure washed and removed as much as the plantation as possible before matching the existing color and repainting sections of the exterior instead of a full repaint in order to help the customer save money and get his family home on the market to sell.

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