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Sun City - Roseville - Rose Creek - Exterior Repaint







Sun City - Roseville is one of the many locations we get our customers from. As a tight knit retirement community the residents often ask each other for recommendations on different trade companies. After performing above and beyond service and providing beautiful, long lasting finished products residents started recommending SacPlacer Painting to their friends and family in the community. We are happy to help work with the Home Owners Association to collect the necessary paperwork and can provide a list of approved color selections for each style of home. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible, from filling out and submitting the applications for painting and help see that it gets approved, all the way to the completed project where the customer will give the final approval before final payment is requested. We pride ourselves on our high standing in the community and want to make sure our customers are proud of the decision they made by choosing SacPlacer Painting to help turn their dream home into a reality.

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